venerdì 17 maggio 2013

Temazo PS13 // Doldrums - Anomaly

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Venerdì 24 maggio 2013

Genere: Elettropop
Ultimo album: Lesser Evil (Arbutus, Souterrain Transmissions), 2013
Nazione: Canada

Her magnet eyes, her far afield
I'm counting back the steps till that reveal
until then it's hidden behind her veil, veil.

She'll magnetize, she pulls you in
got the autumn shakes and lost your leaves
fallin' to pieces now
we're the ones you hear about
pressing your ears against the wall.

Call me anomaly
whatever that's supposed to mean.
are you living out your fantasies?
or caught in someone else's dreams?
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well if I get a closer look
it don't look good
it don't look good.
it don't look good.

Should pain your suffer once again
I'm so glad and waste it on her friends
falling the pieces once again.
Should dance a..feet,
on eyes that ain't sweet out
falling pieces out
but world that wants you head around
passing on it's passed..

I feel out, tumble in what's..

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