giovedì 7 marzo 2013

TEMAZO PS13 // Guards - I See It Coming

- 76

Mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Genere: Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop
Ultimo album: In Guards We Trust (Black Bell Records), 2013
Nazione: U.S.A.

You make the choice, Or else you die
Sitting in hell, You wonder why
Pack up your bags, It's time to leave
No it's not over there's something up your sleeve
To get to Heaven, you've gotta die
We'll never get to Heaven, cause we ain't gonna die

Ohh Ohh Ah Ohh

You make your case, I know it flies
So open up, lets do it right
I see it coming, for what it's worth
The only time I seen him was leaving in a hearse
You get to see it, and then you die
We never took the job cause we can never lie

Ohh Ohh Ah Ohh

They call it curse, because it ____?
To get to somewhere, you got to leave
They call it curse, because it ____?
We'll never get to somewhere, cause we will never leave

I see it coming

Ohh Ohh Ah Ohh (Repeat)

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